Ending Your Car Engine Sludge Problem: Remedies That Work!

Engine sludge formation. Here is how it gets in your motor. And a new, inexpensive way to remove sludge without the need to take your motor apart. When your car is about 4 years old and older. When your car’s odometer miles run pass 75,000 miles, sticky residues; leftovers from pass oil changes, begin to […]

The Advantages of a Carbon Fiber Hood

A carbon fiber hood not only gives a car an exotic sporty look, but also has many advantages over the stock hood which is generally made of steel or aluminum. Replacing a hood with a fiber one can save up to 25 pounds in weight! This weight reduction is of significant importance to drivers as […]

Police Equipment Essentials and Extras

In order to do his or her job, an officer must be outfitted from head to toe with appropriate police equipment. Police supply stores sell uniforms and badges so that officers can be readily identified. Police gear is often ordered in bulk. However, a department must order certain pieces of clothing to size to accommodate […]